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Degree and Nondegree Student Policy

Please read all statements that apply to your current student status:

Enrollment on a non-degree basis at the graduate-level does not constitute admission to a graduate degree program. Limits of hours earned while on non-degree graduate status are enforced. It is recommended that any student interested in applying to a degree program do so prior to accumulating 12 hours of non-degree graduate-level credit at Illinois.

It is the student’s responsibility to contact the department of interest to determine how many hours earned on non-degree status may be applied to a particular program of study. Non-degree students should also determine in advance the likelihood that a particular course will be accepted into the program and whether a minimum grade needs to be earned. Non-degree students seeking to apply University of Illinois credit to a degree at another institution are responsible for checking with that other institution to determine whether credit will be accepted in transfer and applied to specific degree requirements.
For more information on transfer credit, refer to the Graduate College Handbook

Non-degree students must apply for admission to be considered for degree status:

Graduate Students: Graduate and Professional Admissions

Enrollment as a non-degree undergraduate student does not constitute admission to an undergraduate degree program at the University of Illinois. It is the student's responsibility to contact their college Academic Advisor and or Dean to verify how many hours earned through non-degree course credit(s) will be accepted for transfer credit into an undergraduate degree program of study as well as the type of courses acceptable for transfer.

Non-degree students must apply for admission to be considered for degree status:

Undergraduate students: University of Illinois Admissions

High school students (any persons 15 years of age or older who have never attended a collegiate institution) are eligible to enroll in self-paced and semester-based online courses to earn (depending on their institution) college credit, advanced high school credit, or both. In order to do so, however they must meet the following requirements and provide the necessary documents:

  • Evidence that he/she possesses the requisite background and ability to pursue profitably courses for which he/she is qualified
  • Written permission from high school guidance counselor or administrator upon enrollment
  • Cumulative grade point average of at least 3.5 or better out of 4.0 (note: University Laboratory High school students: 3.0 or better out of 4.0)
  • Copy of official high school transcript upon enrollment

Enrollment Policies

If you are a student (or a prospective transfer student) who is not currently admitted into a degree program on the Urbana-Champaign campus, you are considered a non-degree student, and may register in off-campus, site-based and online course sections as a non-degree student.

  • When students submit a course enrollment, they agree to pay tuition and fees to the University according to the payment policies and schedules adopted by the Board of Trustees. In addition, non-degree students do not qualify for student loans or in-school deferments.
  • Non-degree enrollment is subject to approval from the offering department. The Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning will contact the offering department(s) to obtain approval. CITL cannot guarantee enrollment in any section. Non-degree enrollment may be limited to two courses at the department’s discretion.
  • Non-degree students must meet course and/or program prerequisites, unless determined otherwise.
  • Students who have been dropped from the University of Illinois for poor scholarship or disciplinary issues must obtain the recommendation of the dean of their college before registering in a course offered through The Center for Innovation in Teaching in Learning, (CITL).
  • Students assume complete responsibility for contacting CITL concerning their enrollment and change of registration status (cancelling, withdrawing, adding, or dropping a course).
  • The University cancel, drop, and withdraw policy is not dependent on a student’s participation or attendance in the course.

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